This handy little phrase gets bandied about by many but is truly mastered by few. In our increasingly digital world, however, the right combination of paid search and SEO can be considered the golden ticket. To drive web traffic, attract qualified leads, and crack this code we call Google. (Well, today we call it Google. Tomorrow, who knows?)

At Southcoast Marketing Group, we’ll help you create content that’s more relevant to your audience and more readily found by search engines. From keywords to inbound links, we’ll optimize every aspect of your integrated search strategy to improve your visibility. Be found.

Our tools may include…

  • Submissions to search engines
  • Submissions to directories
  • Layout redesign of landing pages
  • Programming tasks to build header tags, meta tags & more
  • Add functionality or ease of use
  • Implement content additions and revisions
  • Improve link popularity
  • Conversion of graphics to text
  • Press Releases
  • Maintain a blog
  • Improve loading time
  • Submit sitemaps to search engines
  • & So much more…


Depending on your budget and the competition for the keywords we select, it could be a couple weeks before we achieve results, or it could be several months. We will never promise that which is beyond our immediate reach. If we are working towards short term goals, then you will see improvements in your visibility within weeks of contract initiation. Your goals for your website become ours. Your desired results become ours.