Logos are so important, as they are the first part of your brand that potential customers see. The logo tells the customer a lot of information about you or your business and if consumers connect with your branding, it’s likely they’ll feel more inclined to invest their time or money into you or your company.

When you think of a person who’s impacted your life, it’s almost certain that you can picture what they look like — and in the context of branding, the logo acts as the face of your brand for people to connect with and remember. Southcoast Marketing Group will design a logo that people can easily picture when they think about their experiences with your product, company, or service.

Logo Design Strategy :

  • Lay the groundwork: One of the most interesting parts of logo design is that we get to learn new things with each new project. Every client is different, and even in the same profession, people do their jobs in many different ways.
  • Keep it appropriate: A mark must be relevant to the ideas and activities it represents. An elegant typeface will suit a high-end restaurant more than it will a children’s nursery. A palette of fluorescent pink and yellow isn’t going to help your message engage with male pensioners.
  • Aim for easy recall: Simplicity aids recognition, especially when so many brands are competing for our attention. You want to give onlookers the opportunity to recall a mark after just a quick glance, and that’s not possible with an overly detailed design.
  • Make people smile: Injecting some wit into our work will not only make our job more fun, but it can help your business to become more successful, too.

When you’re looking for a new logo or redesigning your current one for your brand, we can assist you in the decision-making process. We specialize in both low-resolution (web) and high-resolution (print) graphic images.

We design your logo with up to 10 revisions

6 Logo Designs start at  $500!