Facebook and its platforms went down on October 4th for the majority of the day. That means that no ads were running and some businesses had no method of contacting their customers. If something like that were to happen for an extended period of time, how would it affect your business?

Digital marketing has many forms and you should consider utilizing more than one if you aren’t already. You’ll be covered if one is unavailable and you can work those channels in tandem to bring more of the results you are after. Let’s cover a few.


Facebook/Other Social Media

Reach people where they already spend a lot of their time.
Build a community of customers to influence potential customers.
Specific targeting allows you to reach exactly who you want to reach.
Capture leads to use in email marketing or drive traffic to your website to enter traffic into the search engine funnel.

Google Marketing/Search Engine Marketing

Pay Per Click ads can put your business 1st in search results.
Display and Shopping ads allow your business to feature products/services/ads across the internet.
Drive new traffic to your website/social media and follow website traffic to other sites across the internet.

Email Marketing 

Allows you to build a relationship with your customers and potential customers through regular communication.
Great way to offer extra value through promotions, special offers, education, expertise, etc.

Regular communication and providing value are key to staying top of mind and converting leads into customers.

The methods you chose to utilize will depend on who your target audience is. You’ll want to put yourself in their shoes and think about where/when you’re most likely to reach them and where/when they’re most likely to take the desired action.

I recommend testing different channels to determine which will work best for you and your business.
Have questions about digital marketing in general or anything that I have specifically discussed? Reach out – We’d love to talk about it!