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Mobile App for Apple & Android Products Smart entrepreneurs across the globe are realizing the power of mobile apps. The App Revolution is here. Southcoast Marketing Group will show you how to harness the power of the popular smart phones that most of your customers (and prospective FUTURE customers) are carrying with them ALL THE TIME! With your own iPhone, iPad and Android App, you can reach out and connect with people right on their smartphones where they are at – on the go. Offer coupons, push message alerts and updates, QR coupons and loyalty programs right inside your app! This keeps customers coming back and allows them to tell their friends about you. Consider this… In 1993, business owners were told, “You need a website to reach your customers.” Most business owners responded with – “What’s a website?” Some of them asked, “Why do I need a website when none of my customers have email or access to the internet yet?” It’s rare to find a serious business without a website now.

Now, in 2016 – we are seeing the same thing – to compete, you no longer just need a website, you need a Smart Phone App. If your customers are not there yet, they soon will be. Remember this… just like the internet became a part of everyday life, so will the smartphone, only – the adoption will be quicker. Don’t be a business left without having its own smartphone app in Apple or the Android App stores! Over 1 million smart phones are being activated every day!

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More and more people use their smart phones and search for things on the go rather than sitting in front of computers at home or at the office. People want access to info NOW, and doing it on their smart phones allows for this. It’s time for your business to invest in the technology that is NOW instead of being left behind. More and more people are getting smart phones. Each day, over 1,300,000 Android phones are being activated, plus all the new networks coming on board in addition to Apple iPhones and tablets. Combined, that’s 1.7 million smart phones and tablet’s being turned on daily for the first time!