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Want to improve the Return on Your Media Investment but Don’t Know How?

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Effective planning and smart media buying is critical to the success of your message and your business!

We know that your budget needs to work harder than ever before, so our media buying strategy stretches your dollars to reach your target audience. With more than 15 years of proven experience in media buying and planning, we build strategic media placement strategies that drive measurable results.


Through our substantial volume discounts and our long-term relationships with media outlets, we can tailor the best media plan to meet your strategic goals … and do it at the best price available. Here, we know that optimal results can never be delivered in cookie-cutter fashion. With our strategic solutions, we custom-create ideas to meet your goals through traditional, digital, social media and more. We open any and all doors for you to truly connect with your audience. That’s where we stand on the power of integration. Empowering your brand.


Southcoast Marketing Group can launch your media campaign from inception to flawless execution with speed and confidence.

  • Our top-notch planning and buying services are informed and supported by the latest in reporting resources.
  • As aggressive negotiators, we strive to make the best use of any marketing budget – whether you need a single insert or a multimedia campaign.

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