Drug Rehab PPC Leads

Drug Rehab PPC Leads

Successful marketing campaigns are a combination of short and long-term strategies. Short-term strategies bring instant results and are used to drive sales within a short period. On the other hand, long-term techniques are crucial for building brand recognition and customer loyalty. Pay-per-click (PPC) ads are an effective way of driving instant traffic to a website. When optimized for search engines and lead conversion, PPC ads have the potential of maximizing your return on investment.

PPC advertisement is one of our specialties at Addiction-Rep. We use our drug rehab PPC leads to boost long-term marketing strategies while allowing addiction centers to gain new clients sooner rather than later.

Case Study of Our Drug Rehab PPC Advertising

PPC is one of the most flexible advertising models in the market. You have control over the budget, and accurate analytics enable you to tweak your campaign as it progresses.

You can also pause your PPC ads any time and resume whenever you wish. At Addiction-Rep, we have steps we take to ensure the success of each of our PPC campaigns. These steps include:

  • Keyword selection
  • Website and landing page optimization
  • Closing incoming calls

How Our PPC Services Helped a New Rehab Center Excel in the Market

Here’s a drug rehab PPC case study that shows how we applied the above steps when a top rehab center came to us to promote a newly acquired facility that was taking longer to become profitable due to a low admission rate:

With PPC, rehab centers target people who are actively searching for treatment. We used PPC to help our client attract patients who were looking for the programs offered at their new facility. We began with keyword selection, where we identified phrases our client’s prospects were likely using when searching for the perfect rehab facility.

Next, we optimized their website and created landing pages for lead conversion. This was to ensure that whenever any of their prospects clicked on the PPC ads, they would end up on a web page providing further details about the service.

It’s on this page where we directed prospects to the next step in the sales funnel. With these two steps done, analytics showed an increase in the number of engagements the center was getting. Their emailing list started growing steadily the third week after we kicked off the PPC ad campaign, and subscriptions kept increasing in the next six months that we ran the advertisements.

Our addiction treatment PPC advertising included contact information in the ads, with convenient call buttons. The last step in our PPC campaign for our client was closing the incoming calls to get new admissions.

Since PPC ads are easy to track, we could tell which advertisements brought in the most calls and used the data to create more successful campaigns. By the time we downsized the ad campaign and focused more on organic web traffic, our client’s new branch had witnessed a 50 percent rise in admissions.

Highly Individualized PPC Services

While PPC is a budget-friendly marketing option, it can get costly fast if not optimized. Our leading drug rehab PPC leads experts can set you up for ultimate success, and you won’t have to spend more than necessary. Addiction-Rep provides addiction treatment consulting and digital marketing for rehab/addiction treatment professionals. Many people need help overcoming addiction, and our job is to help these treatment professionals reach more people in need. Schedule a meeting: https://addiction-rep.com/contact/schedule-a-meeting/.

Drug Rehab PPC Leads


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