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Market Strategy

Times are changing, and how you choose to market your company can make a huge difference on the types and numbers of customers your marketing strategy attracts. Are you sticking to traditional marketing, or are you interested in branching out into an interactive marketing strategy? Either way, the marketing and advertising specialists at Southcoast Marketing Group can help. Our team of talented designers and consultants have years of experience helping companies build their identities and determine the correct marketing strategy to get them the best sales leads and returns on investments.

We specialize in providing our clients a comprehensive marketing strategy that suits all of their business needs. Companies are as individual as people, and each has different requirements in order to succeed. Some of the marketing strategies we offer include:

  • Marketing Consulting
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Web Site Development
  • E-Mail Marketing
  • Logo Design
  • Creative Marketing Services
  • Financial Evaulation
  • Media Buys & Placement


  • Brand Development
  • Social Networking
  • Brochures, Business Cards, & Flyers
  • Direct Mail
  • Business to Business Marketing
  • Product Development
  • Much more


Let the experts at Southcoast Marketing Group bring your business to the next level. We take the time to listen to your need and help you create a plan that you are not only happy with, but that brings you real results.


Marketing Planning

5 questions marketers should ask about marketing planning

  1. What are my target’s media behaviors, both on-line and off?
  2. How do my target consumers “search”, study, shop and buy the category?
  3. What direct marketing approaches will work?
  4. Have we done modeling to connect the dots in our marketing plans, to tie together strategy, tactics, investments, and objectives?
  5. Do we know what would happen if we change one element of the plan?

Marketing planning has become increasingly tricky in a “multi-channel” world. Developing a go-to-market strategy that most effectively and efficiently impacts your target when there are myriad ways to communicate with them–if they let you–requires a more rigorous process.

We designed our marketing planning services to scientifically translate the strategy for “going after” a target into powerful tactical decisions. Our marketing management expertise, best practices automation tools, and the latest developments in modeling technology give you the power to:

  • Comprehensively map your—and your competitors’–marketing process using multiple sources of information
  • Model the relationship between all the factors in the process and forecast performance
  • Experiment with alternative spending plans
  • Identify targets in media panels, as well as internal and syndicated databases
  • Prioritize tactical efforts in terms of your key ROI criteria


Whether you have a new product or service or an established one, the end result of a marketing planning engagement is a recommendation for a plan–one based on meticulous knowledge of the relationship between inputs and desired outputs–that will achieve your sales and profit

Positioning & Brand Strategy

A compelling positioning strategy gives your brand a huge competitive advantage in the battle for the heart and minds of your target customers. In a cluttered environment where buyers have little time or inclination to ponder product or service decisions, it’s exceedingly beneficial for a brand to have a raison d’être–a reason for being–that’s both differentiating and highly motivating.

Our research-driven approach to positioning strategy development and clear definition of the essential elements of a brand strategy improves your ability to:

  • Discover what is really important to targets, not what they say is most important
  • Rank order all possible positioning options in terms of real market opportunity and find the “white space” opportunities
  • Build a brand strategy that consistently and clearly communicates the positioning

The end result of a positioning and brand strategy engagement is invaluable prescriptive guidance about the innovative, preemptive opportunities that will set your brand apart and lead to growth.

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