Meeting Layout:

1 Hour 1st & 3rd Weeks of the Month (only 2 meetings/ 2 hours each month)

Member Seats – 1 per Professional Category (Only 1 Electrician, 1 Mechanic, 1 Residential Real Estate etc.)

Visitors – All are welcome!

Discussion Agenda:

Chapter Board Member:

Opening remarks, including the history of 6 Degrees and the direction in which we are moving. Any announcements that need to be made.

Members Round:

60 Seconds – Introduce who they are, what seat they hold, what topic they want to discuss, and what kind of referral they are looking for that week.

Visitor Introductions:

60 Seconds – Who, what, where, and looking for.


1 member each meeting, (discussed and scheduled ahead of time) will have a 5-8 minutes “Spotlight” to stand up and present their business, kind of work, portfolios, examples, success stories, and who the group can be thinking of to refer to that person.


Time after the allotted meeting to sit down, one on one (  with another member and learn more in depth about each other’s businesses. Ex. An estate planning attorney and a Financial Adviser should spend extra time learn more about each other’s business and referrals.

Board Members:

5 board members will get together in order to make decisions on behalf of the group. If visitors would like to join the group, a majority vote will be needed to grant that seat. All suggestions are welcomed and appreciated! We want this to be forever evolving into an efficient networking machine.

***  What to Bring  ***

  • Business cards
  • Card holder Binder
  • Note pad
  • Any material you would like to leave with members

***  Attendance  ***

We only meet for 2 hours a month. That is a total of 6 hours per quarter. Absence from more than 2 missed meetings in a quarter will result in possible loss of seat.

If unable to attend, a substitute can be sent in your place. This will not count as an absence for your seat.

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